from: Breegan Houlihan

i know this is so random, but i was telling my mom how you added me on facebook the other day since we have the same name. i told her about your pictures and how pretty you are, and my mom was like how old is she, and i was like, probably in her 20’s and my mom was like wait a minute, were there any pictures of her when she was little? and i was like yea there are a few from magazines i think. my mom was like, when i was in the hospital in 1991 about to have you, i was looking at a parenting magazine and i saw an adorable little girl in there, and i looked for her name and it was breegan, and thats how i found your name.

i always think it’s so wierd that no one has my name, and now i know im named after you!! haha i just thought it was so funny, so i thought you might like to know : )